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It’s the final hours to file for your PFD and to make a donation to Radio Free Palmer via Pick Click Give.  We are in the running to win $5000 from Pick Click and Give if we are one of top 3 in percentage growth as of March 31.  You can help us win $5000 with your donation!  Our Pick Click Give donations in 2012 were $2550.  As of March 4, 2013 we were at $2075.  Not too bad.

If you want to support KVRF and our programming, you can give to us when you file your PFD. You can also  go back and add a donation.  We’re under “R” for Radio Free Palmer.
Lee Henrikson, our president, just went online and pledged the max amount allowed – $1500.  Mike Chmielewski, our Chief Operating Officer, is going to do the same.

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