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Journey to the Heart of Aikido


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JourneyMonday February 17 at 7 PM and Tuesday February 18 at 5 PM we broadcast interviews with Linda Holiday Sensei, conducted by Mike Chmielewski in Santa Cruz, California. They trace her path from an early introduction to Aikido Рthe Art of Reconciliation Рthrough 40 years of intense training and reflection. They then focus on Motomichi Anno Sensei, who through story and presence manifests the Heart of Aikido.  Linda has recently completed a very moving book on Anno Sensei called Journey to the Heart of Aikido.

The interview is available here for listening or download.


Linda Holiday Interview – Journey to the Heart of Aikido

One thought on "Journey to the Heart of Aikido"

  • Glen Kimoto

    • Reply
    • February 21, 2014, 10:18 am

    I enjoyed very much the interview with Linda Holiday Sensei, author of “Journey to the Heart of Aikido”. The interview provides an engaging view into the art of aikido and Linda’s intriguing path from beginner to major teacher of the Art. It is a revealing snapshot of Motomichi Anno Sensei and the lineage from Founder to Linda.

    Mike’s interview style is exemplary: warm, thoughtful, inviting, and open.

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