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2014 Alaska US Senate Candidates. The primary interviews part 1: Begich, Miller, Treadwell, Kohlhaas.

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Kenni Psenak interviewed and recorded four of the eleven candidates on the ballot for a US Senate seat from Alaska. They were broadcast on July 28,2014 and  appear here for your review. The remaining candidates have been invited to interviews and we will broadcast them as they respond and are interviewed. Enjoy! Mark Begich   Begichinterview2014  […]

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No Valley Edition August 1, 2014

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Valley Edition take the week off. It returns next Friday August 8, with the Assembly & School Board back in action & the primary to discuss.

Kurt Vonnegut

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July 30 at noon: Radio Book Club guest host Mary Ann Cockle  discussed Kurt Vonnegut’s “The Sirens of Titan” and “Player Piano” with Sean Aube and Carol Ryan-Aube.

Enjoy the recording:

RadioBookClub 7.30.2014

US Senate Interviews Continue

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Special Election Programming continued. US Senate candidates interviews on Tues. July 29
5:00 pm Vic Kohring, Alaska Independent
5:30 pm Mark S. Fish, Libertarian

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